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Aftermarket Solutions For Agriculture Equipment Manufacturers

Grow Your Agriculture Equipment Network

Are you ready to improve your agriculture equipment aftermarket customer experience?

Regardless of your equipment focus, digital transformation is a continual process of scaling and optimizing, which makes it imperative, as an Agriculture Equipment Manufacturer, to invest in smart initiatives that will accelerate your network's experiences. 

From strategic OEM partners and rental companies to end-users through your dealer network, having a self-service aftermarket sales and support portal for all of your equipment information is your next step. Not only will it help give you a competitive advantage, but it will also create long-term customer and partner loyalty, especially during your customers’ critical harvesting months.


Improve Your Support During Harvest Time

Immediate support is crucial when a machine needs maintenance or a part replacement.

Farmers scarcely rely more on their equipment than they do during harvest, which makes these seasons pivotal times for Agriculture Equipment Manufacturers. Because equipment becomes mission-critical during harvest, any downtime can cause significant operational delays and loss of revenue. 

Documoto alleviates this tension by providing your customers and dealers with all of your equipment information, making it easy to look up parts, part lists, equipment updates, and other critical details. Available 24/7 through any web browser, your customers have the information they need when they need it, helping them avoid work stoppages during their busiest times of the year.

Our solution will help you:

  • Expedite part orders
  • Provide global accessibility
  • Reduce equipment downtime
  • Improve dealer support and customer loyalty
  • Access and share accurate technical information

Explore Agriculture Success Stories

See how we've helped these companies improve documentation processes, parts management, and increase revenue.

Fecon Shreds The Competition | Case Study

Fecon Shreds The Competition

Fecon increased its online sales by 53%, which over a 5-year period resulted in aftermarket parts sales increasing by $2M.


Excel Industries Mows Down Parts Data Inaccuracies

With advanced parts authoring and publishing tools—Excel cuts down processes from 4 months to as little as 45 minutes.

Dragotec Simplifies Parts Lookup For Dealers

Dragotec Simplifies Parts Lookup For Dealers

With parts catalogs—Dragotec gives their dealer network an easy way to buy parts directly from the OEM AND reduced publishing times from months to days.

Ploeger Oxbo Reduces Support Time By 50%

Ploeger Oxbo Reduces Support Time By 50%

Ploeger reduced the time it takes to author content from 6–8 months down to less than 30 days—while reducing customer support time by 50%.

Explore Publishing & Parts Management Solutions

Author & Publish

Our authoring software lets you create, enrich, and connect content (parts, assemblies, books, tech docs) in an easy-to-use interface—resulting in significant time-savings when formatting, publishing, and updating catalogs.

Cloud Library

Our cloud library acts as a central content hub with a browser-based interface that allows equipment manufacturers to securely distribute content to their partners and customers through a branded interface in multiple languages.

Parts Storefront

Our parts storefront turns electronic parts catalogs into an online sales channel—allowing buyers to search, select, and quote/order parts easily. It also offers the ability to integrate with ERP systems for real-time price/inventory updates.

Unlock Your Aftermarket Service Potential With a Content Hub.

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