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Transform Your Content with Documoto’s Authoring Solution

Create, consolidate, and publish parts catalogs with ease.

Our authoring functionality lets you create, enrich, and connect content (parts, assemblies, books, technical documents, such as service bulletins, operator manuals, etc.) within an easy-to-use interface. This leads to significant time savings when formatting, publishing, and updating catalogs.


Create AND Publish Digital Parts Catalogs with Ease.

Create digital parts catalogs easily using Documoto’s authoring solution! Documoto organizes parts information in a relational database to transform your ability to create and maintain parts catalogs for sale.

With an easy-to-use online parts catalog software, you can print, generate PDFs, or publish interactive online catalogs with just a few clicks.


Speed Up Your Documentation Process.

Publishers spend hours every week reformatting and recreating documents. Instead of having your team spend an entire workday revising and amending; that time could be spent on other essential tasks with the help of the right partner.

Documoto presents a fast and easy way to get everything done by automating the process for you. 

Solve the Pain of Technical Publishing.

It’s hard to manage the thousands of parts found in heavy equipment and machinery. Relying on a robust relational database—Documoto makes it easy to build relationships between parts, machines, catalogs, and support documents.

Our solution enables publishers to transform their complex and cumbersome documents into a highly interactive electronic catalog system. As a result, you can edit and publish information about parts with ease. 


Documoto offers enormous advantages over traditional desktop publishing:

  • Documoto automates the conversion of data and images to XML format, enabling content re-use in multiple catalogs, whether you need digital or print.
  • Documoto’s relational database foundation allows simultaneous updating of multiple parts books, making it easy to update parts or product changes.
  • Save labor spent on catalog authoring and reformatting. Our users have reported a 50-90% time savings over traditional publishing methods.
  • Quickly build relationships between parts, machines, and associated support materials.
  • Templates speed document creation and enable serial-number-specific catalogs.
  • Database architecture organizes relationships between parts and machines.

Unlock Your Aftermarket Service Potential With a Content Hub.

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