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Frequently Asked Questions

Have Questions?  No Problem!

Here are some of the questions we hear regularly. If you have another question—don't hesitate to reach out. One of our technical experts can provide more information!


Is Documoto a good fit for my business?

Industry Terminology

What sets you apart from your competitors?

Author & Publish

Does Documoto offer real-time authoring capabilities?

Who owns the content after publishing?

Does the system enable real-time part updates—updated once—across all catalogs automatically?

Are there Publishing and Admin API’s for automation?

When you do publish catalogs, are they current with the latest engineering changes?

What kind of file formats are compatible with your system?

Cloud Library

Does Documoto offer advanced search functionality?

Can you control what users see?

What documents can be stored and shared?


What kind of systems do Documoto Storefront integrate with?

Is the storefront solution easy to navigate for users?

Is it easy for users to view and select parts?

What if I want to display different pricing to different users?

Does Documoto support up-selling or cross-selling features?

User & Setup

Is Documoto Browser Agnostic?

Is the system/platform easy to navigate?

Do you integrate with ERP/EAM systems?

Is Documoto a hosted or server-based solution?

Can you restrict access to specific and/or current customers and/or users?

What is the integration timeline?

Does the system enable real-time Part Updates, Updated Once, Across All Catalogs Automatically?


Does Documoto offer dedicated support?

Are product releases included?

Where are your offices located?

Is 24/7/365 support offered?

What is the response time depending on severity of an incident?


How can the product be configured to suit the needs of customers?

Can the product be customized?

Is customization done by an add-on / plug-in system or by changing the code base of the product or all customers?

In the event of a new release: how are customizations upgraded? Is there a migration path for customizations?


How is customer content secured?

Is it possible to use an existing authentication system with Documoto?

Does Documoto comply with GDPR?

In which country do servers reside?

How is security organized in online mode, offline mode, mobile mode?


Is training foreseen?

How will the training be organized?

Professional Services

Does Documoto offer additional services to help me migrate from my current parts catalog solution?

Are any professional services included with my subscription?

What other services does Documoto offer?

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