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Aftermarket Solutions For Construction Equipment Manufacturers

Expand Your Construction Equipment Network

Are you ready to improve your construction equipment aftermarket customer experience?

Regardless of your equipment focus, digital transformation is a continual process of scaling and optimizing, making it imperative, as a Construction Equipment Manufacturer, to invest in smart initiatives that will accelerate your network's experiences. 

From strategic OEM partners to end-users through your dealer network, having a self-service aftermarket sales and support portal that supports all of your equipment information is your next step. Not only will it help give you a competitive advantage, but it will also create long-term customer and partner loyalty, especially during your busy season.


Increase Your Aftermarket Sales & Lower Internal Costs

Service and technical support are the key points of interaction between Construction OEMs and their equipment owners.

The quality of this interaction often determines whether a customer remains a long-term, loyal buyer. And the quality of a company’s support documentation can have a great effect on the manufacturer-customer relationship. One route to increase aftermarket sales and lower internal costs is to upgrade the technology used to manage, service, and sell replacement parts.

For decades, Construction Equipment Manufacturers have used printed catalogs to market products to their customers, but Documoto allows you to modernize your approach with an online shopping portal. By implementing online shopping, you add a layer of convenience for your customers and encourage the sale of more parts, including those with higher margins. 

Our solution will help you:

  • Increase sales revenue for aftermarket parts
  • Offer customers real-time part and information updates
  • Enhance dealer support and customer loyalty
  • Produce a multilingual site for parts ordering
  • Access and share accurate technical information
  • Integrate Documoto with an external system, such as an eCommerce or ERP systems for shopping cart submittal
  • Improve tracking and reporting

Explore Construction Success Stories

See how we've helped these companies improve documentation processes, parts management, and increase revenue.


Atlas Copco Increases Online Part Sales

With Documoto's authoring and publishing tools—Atlas Copco increased online sales by 64% and increased its overall parts revenue by 4%.

Paladin Breaks Ground In Support | Case Study

Paladin Breaks Ground In Support

On the parts catalog creation side, the 4 – 8 hours of labor it previously took to create a PDF is down to 45 min – 1.5 hours.

Xtreme Manufacturing

Snorkel & Xtreme Manufacturing Achieve Premier Product Support

With Documoto's authoring tools - Snorkel and Xtreme Manufacturing Group have reduced parts book publishing by 60%.

Explore Publishing & Parts Management Solutions

Author & Publish

Our authoring software lets you create, enrich, and connect content (parts, assemblies, books, tech docs) in an easy-to-use interface—resulting in significant time-savings when formatting, publishing, and updating catalogs.

Cloud Library

Our cloud library acts as a central content hub with a browser-based interface that allows equipment manufacturers to securely distribute content to their partners and customers through a branded interface in multiple languages.

Parts Storefront

Our parts storefront turns electronic parts catalogs into an online sales channel—allowing buyers to search, select, and quote/order parts easily. It also offers the ability to integrate with ERP systems for real-time price/inventory updates.

Unlock Your Aftermarket Service Potential With a Content Hub.

Let’s talk about how we can help you transform your content, empower your team, and increase online sales revenue.