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Transit & Fleet Operations

Empower Employees With Access to Fleet OEM Documentation

Documoto’s aftermarket content management software makes it easier for employees to follow OEM maintenance schedules.

Documoto allows you to load and display content from multiple manufacturers or suppliers. In addition, you can easily link or tag your internal Item Asset Management numbers to manufacturer part numbers and content. This, along with Documoto’s ability to seamlessly integrate with your Enterprise Asset Management software, allow your technicians to add OEM parts to their work orders, which map to parts in your inventory that should be used to service and replace OEM components.

Our solution will help you:

  • Secure SaaS application with advanced distribution and entitlement features
  • Ability to seamlessly integrate with your EAM solution
  • Ability to house & distribute parts catalog and maintenance content for your entire fleet
  • Professional services available to help you publish and maintain new supplier content
  • Decrease vehicle downtime and improve part ordering accuracy


Accurate Orders

Accessible, updated documentation reduces the risk of costly errors. Your employees know exactly what to order when an equipment part malfunctions.

Repair Methods

Your mechanics can access videos or documents in the fleet asset management software that explain repair protocol.

Training Videos

The team can easily get new members up to speed by consulting training videos for different job positions.

Simplified Docs

When an inquiry or setback comes up, your team can quickly and easily refer to the Documoto to address the situation, keeping your customers on schedule.

Streamline Regulatory Compliance With Documoto

Documoto Helps Transit Agencies Meet Map-21 & State of Goods Repair Requirements

State and regional transit authorities who receive federal funding are required to complete a Transit Asset Management (TAM) plan.

Transit Asset Management (TAM) describes:

  • How public transit systems will ensure that assets and infrastructure are maintained in a State of Good Repair
  • How the agencies will maintain or improve reliability, safety, and passenger comfort

The Documoto team has the experience and technology solutions to help.

Our customers include bus, rail car, and asset-intensive manufacturers. Additionally, a number of major transit authorities, alongside our Professional Services staff, have successfully integrated Documoto with EAM and ERP systems like Trapeze and Infor.


Save Time & Money

Mechanics who rely on accurate documentation to lookup parts use Documoto to identify and request the right part the first time.

In the past, staff members paged through an obsolete, dog-eared manual or tediously browsed a PDF with weak search and navigation capabilities.

With Documoto, your staff can quickly look up:

  • Procedural documentation
  • Training videos
  • Updates
  • Safety alerts related to documents, product models, or individual assets

These capabilities reduce the time spent identifying parts, orders, and repairs. Essentially, this translates into thousands of dollars in savings every year.

Your workforce will be much more efficient and gain customer loyalty by improving inventory, procurement, and work schedule effectiveness.


Explore Transit & Fleet Operations Success Stories

See how we've helped these companies improve documentation processes, parts management, and increase revenue.


LA Metro Moves Parts As Smoothly As Passengers

LA Metro has the responsibility of transporting millions of people a day around the Los Angeles area, and in order to do that, they need all of their rail cars and buses to be in working condition. Using Documoto, mechanics receive parts and complete work orders more quickly, meaning reduced downtime for fleet vehicles.

BC Transit - Bus Fleet

BC Transit Onboards Documoto, Improving Productivity by 70%!

Operating 88 transit systems in 130 communities across British Columbia, outside of Greater Vancouver, BC Transit relies on its fleet of 1,079 high-capacity buses. Making machine uptime crucial to customer satisfaction. 

Explore Publishing & Parts Management Solutions

Author & Publish

Our authoring software lets you create, enrich, and connect content (parts, assemblies, books, tech docs) in an easy-to-use interface—resulting in significant time-savings when formatting, publishing, and updating catalogs.

Cloud Library

Our cloud library acts as a central content hub with a browser-based interface that allows equipment manufacturers to securely distribute content to their partners and customers through a branded interface in multiple languages.

Parts Storefront

Our parts storefront turns electronic parts catalogs into an online sales channel—allowing buyers to search, select, and quote/order parts easily. It also offers the ability to integrate with ERP systems for real-time price/inventory updates.

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