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Professional Services

We Provide Support, Resources, and Custom Solutions To Help Reach Your Goals!

The mission of the Professional Services team is to help you unlock the intended value in our services and product. Whether you need implementation, migration, integration, or manual content creation support – we have the team with the expertise to plan and deliver custom services that will meet your needs.


Work one-on-one with a Customer Success expert to tailor a customized implementation and launch plan for Documoto. We will help you phase your implementation appropriately by focusing on launching the most valuable content and features and functionality first, so you can quickly start realizing value from our solution.

Product Training

Documoto offers self-service training through Documoto Academy at no additional cost. Additionally, you’ll be provided with a dedicated Customer Success Manager that can help you apply these learning concepts and answer questions along the way.




Simply starting with either an exposed endpoint for your ERP, EAM, or E-commerce system or a custom-built REST or SOAP endpoint, Documoto can connect to your business systems in real-time. Our Solutions Engineers will work with your team to define requirements and build custom integrations for pulling (ex. pricing and part availability) or pushing (ex. shopping cart) information from our system to yours to accomplish end-to-end business tasks.

Data Migrations

Whether you are starting with data from a CAD, ERP, PLM system, or an existing electronic parts catalog (EPC) solution, our Solutions Engineering team can transform and load large amounts of existing illustration, BOM, and equipment data into the Documoto format for you. In addition, data migration services can help you to come on board more quickly to Documoto with your existing aftermarket content.

Manual Content Creation

Leverage our Content Publishing team to convert your legacy parts catalog from PDF, Word, Adobe Framemaker, or source CAD image and XLS BOM files. Reduce the load on your resources by taking advantage of our experience with extracting, reconstructing, and publishing your current and old parts catalog content into Documoto.

Automation Support

Work with our Solutions Engineers to learn all about the Documoto content specifications and available APIs. Our team will help you design, build, and deploy solutions to automate and optimize content creation, content maintenance and user administration, so your team can focus less on manual, tedious tasks and more on higher value and impact aftermarket support projects for your business.

Custom Product Enhancements

Our professionals will partner with you to understand more about the features or functionality that you would like to see. From there, we will work with you to define, build, and release product enhancements on an accelerated timeline that supports your aftermarket content aspirations.

Single Sign-On

Work with our experienced technical team to setup single-sign on (SSO) with Documoto. Documoto supports SSO, which allows users to bypass our login screen, with any SP-initiated, SAML 2.0 compliant implementations.

Custom Exporters

While the ultimate goal of implementing an Aftermarket Content Distribution solution like Documoto is typically to house all of your aftermarket content in a single location, we recognize the needs of many manufacturers to distribute and share content to other Equipment Lifecycle software solutions. As a result, our Solutions Engineering team is capable of developing and delivering custom content export solutions to export content into SmartEquip, LinkOne and other parts and equipment EPC formats. This option allows your Technical Publications team to focus on creating parts catalog content in one location (Documoto), and gives them the flexibility to simply export and send that same content to external catalog suppliers that your dealer and customer network may work with.

Explore Documoto Success Stories

See how we've helped these companies improve documentation processes, parts management, and increase revenue.

Fecon Shreds The Competition | Case Study

Fecon Shreds The Competition

Fecon increased its online sales by 53%, which over a 5-year period resulted in aftermarket parts sales increasing by $2M.


Atlas Copco Increases Online Part Sales

With Documoto's authoring and publishing tools—Atlas Copco increased online sales by 64% and increased its overall parts revenue by 4%.

Paladin Breaks Ground In Support | Case Study

Paladin Breaks Ground In Support

On the parts catalog creation side, the 4 – 8 hours of labor it previously took to create a PDF is down to 45 min – 1.5 hours.


Excel Industries Mows Down Parts Data Inaccuracies

With advanced parts authoring and publishing tools—Excel cuts down processes from 4 months to as little as 45 minutes.


Schramm Saves Customers Time AND Money

Schramm streamlined parts publishing, automated parts books, and offers a self-service portal to their global network of customers and dealers.


Transit Authority Moves Parts As Smoothly As Passengers

With Documoto—LA Metro improved mechanic efficiency and reclaimed lost time as well as improved order accuracy from 75% to over 99%.

Viking Builds World-Class Support For Global Brand

Viking Builds World-Class Support For Global Brand

Viking delivers parts and model information in near real-time, publishes branded parts catalogs in a flash, and a storefront.

Hiperbaric Reduces Pressure on After-Sales Support

Hiperbaric Reduces Pressure on After-Sales Support

Hiperbaric reports up to 25% efficiency gains while giving clients 24/7 access to graphical technical diagrams and materials.

Dragotec Simplifies Parts Lookup For Dealers

Dragotec Simplifies Parts Lookup For Dealers

With parts catalogs—Dragotec gives their dealer network an easy way to buy parts directly from the OEM AND reduced publishing times from months to days.

Ploeger Oxbo Reduces Support Time By 50%

Ploeger Oxbo Reduces Support Time By 50%

Ploeger reduced the time it takes to author content from 6–8 months down to less than 30 days—while reducing customer support time by 50%.


MacLean Drills Publishing Time Down To Minutes

What used to take weeks—now takes minutes. MacLean expedited parts orders, reduced machine downtime, and improved publishing processes.

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