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The Manufacturer Aftermarket Solution

Documoto is the ultimate equipment manufacturer aftermarket solution!

Our interactive content solution helps equipment manufacturers create product catalogs, share critical content with their network, and sell aftermarket products.

Common Aftermarket Challenges for Equipment Manufacturers

For most manufacturers, selling a piece of equipment is only the first step in a (hopefully) long and fruitful relationship with a customer. 

Once the machine starts working, your aftermarket processes and people have to be ready. The equipment will need to be maintained, serviced, repaired, and overhauled. Parts will break or wear out, the equipment may go through field upgrades by a variety of technicians, and in the meantime, engineering continues to make improvements to parts and assemblies.

But many equipment manufacturers encounter challenges within their aftermarket. For example:

  • Ensuring that technicians are using the right parts catalogs and technical information to order the correct parts.
  • Identifying if the as-manufactured product information is suitable for the as-maintained reality.
  • Staying informed with product launches and engineering changes.

Your company faces all of these challenges while fending off competition, will-fitters, and the gray market, which all want to take your parts and product market share. In addition, your customers expect to be able to purchase products and get the information they need anytime, anywhere, in an easy-to-use and secure manner. To achieve these multiple goals at once, manufacturers need to leverage available technologies to generate more revenue and streamline business operations.


How Documoto Can Help You

Documoto, is the answer to your operational challenges.

Using Documoto, manufacturers can create interactive digital parts catalogs and related content that can be updated and distributed with a few clicks of a button. Our solution allows you to store this valuable content in one central database, available to your users 24/7 on any device.

You can use your interactive parts catalogs to create an online storefront, making purchasing parts easy.

Author & Publish with Documoto

Technical publishers waste dozens of hours changing one set of parts data in multiple parts books. Documoto's Authoring feature helps Tech Pubs and Engineers create content using parts, assembly pages, and complete parts books, all within an easy-to-use interface. Documoto’s database-driven publishing gives your staff the ability to reuse the content as needed, saving time and effort.


Advantages To Your Technical Publications Team

Author, publish, and distribute content to your vast network of customers and partners, in real time, with a multitude of resources and capabilities at your disposal.

  • Support your global channel and customers by authoring the same information in multiple languages.
  • Make it easier for your channel and customers to find exactly what they need with our advanced tagging and metadata capabilities.
  • Add context by connecting content together and by adding other elements such as videos, owner’s manuals, specifications, and more.
  • Ease the burden of updating content through capabilities such as global supersession and content reuse.
  • Use advanced print layouts to make your printed catalogs reflect your brand and style, using the exact same content.

Use Documoto's Cloud Library as a Content Hub

Stop relying on static PDFs or outdated parts catalogs and manuals to support your customers and network. Documoto’s Cloud Library is an online solution that is accessible 24/7 on any device. Our Cloud Library gives you the ability to securely distribute your content to anyone on the web, through a branded interface, in multiple languages.


Parts Identification

Documoto’s search abilities go far beyond a keyword or part number. Users can find technical information with our visual icon referencing solution or by simply typing in a search term. Every attribute, number, and piece of text, even if it’s buried deep within an assembly manual or a static document like a PDF, is instantly searchable through our advanced search technology. Within a few clicks of the mouse, Documoto helps users quickly and easily access the exact document, book, diagram, or part they want.

Advanced Control Capabilities

You decide exactly who sees your content and how they can interact with it through our advanced access control capabilities. Documoto also helps you get closer to your customers with features like comments and feedback forms.

Do you have critical updates to share, such as an urgent safety bulletin? No problem – Documoto can do that too, presenting news items to your customers and tracking when they’ve read it.

 Sell More Parts with Documoto's Storefront

Tired of taking orders over the phone, fax, or dealing with urgent cross-ships and returns because someone orders the wrong part or product? Offer your network the self-service convenience to search, identify, and buy your products, saving your time and theirs.


Shop For Equipment Parts & Submit Orders

Documoto’s Storefront is an easy-to-use digital order-taking system that allows you to set up and manage the parts ordering process quickly. With Storefront, administrators can decide what parts and products to sell, to which customers, at whatever price you choose. Your channel and customers can place equipment parts into a shopping cart and submit orders using Documoto’s branded and customized checkout forms. Documoto also shows users “suggested parts” so that customers can be sure they are ordering everything they need.

Streamline pricing and orders in real-time. Documoto’s commerce-enabled integrations offer the ability to retrieve pricing and inventory information in real-time from your operational systems.

Industries We Serve

Documoto serves a number of manufacturing and asset intensive industries—helping companies overcome the challenges of managing high volumes of parts.


Our solutions help agriculture equipment manufacturers spend less time on managing parts, documentation and problems—and more time supporting their customers.


Looking to improve your construction equipment aftermarket customer experience? Regardless of your equipment focus—Documoto can help you scale and optimize your processes to win!


We can help you overcome the complexities and challenges of managing industrial equipment parts. Learn more about how we helps industrial equipment manufacturers support end users, rental partners, distributors, and more...


Challenges with managing your mining operations? Documoto helps mining equipment manufacturers support their end users and customers with authoring, parts management, and self-service solutions.

Asset Intensive

Struggling to meet the demands of managing high volumes of parts? Documoto helps asset intensive organizations overcome the complex challenges of parts management, documentation, and distribution.


Whether you’re a fleet owner or transit authority professional—your goal is to stay ahead of the curve and remain “on-time” in an increasingly fast-paced world. Documoto can help.

Explore Manufacturing Success Stories

See how we've helped these companies improve documentation processes, parts management, and increase revenue.

Fecon Shreds The Competition | Case Study

Fecon Shreds The Competition

Fecon increased its online sales by 53%, which over a 5-year period resulted in aftermarket parts sales increasing by $2M.


Atlas Copco Increases Online Part Sales

With Documoto's authoring and publishing tools—Atlas Copco increased online sales by 64% and increased its overall parts revenue by 4%.

Paladin Breaks Ground In Support | Case Study

Paladin Breaks Ground In Support

On the parts catalog creation side, the 4 – 8 hours of labor it previously took to create a PDF is down to 45 min – 1.5 hours.


Excel Industries Mows Down Parts Data Inaccuracies

With advanced parts authoring and publishing tools—Excel cuts down processes from 4 months to as little as 45 minutes.


Schramm Saves Customers Time AND Money

Schramm streamlined parts publishing, automated parts books, and offers a self-service portal to their global network of customers and dealers.

Viking Builds World-Class Support For Global Brand

Viking Builds World-Class Support For Global Brand

Viking delivers parts and model information in near real-time, publishes branded parts catalogs in a flash, and a storefront.

Hiperbaric Reduces Pressure on After-Sales Support

Hiperbaric Reduces Pressure on After-Sales Support

Hiperbaric reports up to 25% efficiency gains while giving clients 24/7 access to graphical technical diagrams and materials.

Dragotec Simplifies Parts Lookup For Dealers

Dragotec Simplifies Parts Lookup For Dealers

With parts catalogs—Dragotec gives their dealer network an easy way to buy parts directly from the OEM AND reduced publishing times from months to days.

Ploeger Oxbo Reduces Support Time By 50%

Ploeger Oxbo Reduces Support Time By 50%

Ploeger reduced the time it takes to author content from 6–8 months down to less than 30 days—while reducing customer support time by 50%.


MacLean Drills Publishing Time Down To Minutes

What used to take weeks—now takes minutes. MacLean expedited parts orders, reduced machine downtime, and improved publishing processes.

Unlock Your Aftermarket Service Potential With a Content Hub.

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