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Implementation & Service Delivery Framework

At Documoto, our Professional Services team leverages an iterative framework to deliver value to our customers and then achieve ROI as soon as possible.

Here's a brief overview!


Strategy & Planning

Together—we will strategize on your intended outcome. Your Customer Success Manager will guide you through Project Planning, Requirements Definition and collaborate with you to define Goals and Milestones for the project.

  • Content / Requirements Gathering
  • Business Process Re-Engineering
  • Goals and Milestones

Develop, Configure, & Release

We will work with you to make the plans a reality. Documoto will deliver Professional Services based on well-defined and agreed upon requirements. Your Customer Success Manager will also work with you to ensure you have all the training and tools necessary to complete your system and site configuration. Finally – we’ll release build for validation.

  • Develop
  • Configure
  • Release for Validation

Testing & Validation

Next, we will review what has been built, gain alignment with key stakeholders and validate the solution. We will partner with you to ensure that anyone involved in validation and testing understand the intended goals and expected outcomes of each deliverable, and then will partner with you to facilitate validation and testing. Our intent with this step is to always ensure that we are delivering the expected quality of output from our Services and Product.

  • Stakeholder introduction
  • Validation and testing
  • Stakeholders buy-in

Gather Feedback & Improve

It is time to refine and improve. Based on the results of the testing and validation step, we will iterate as needed. Feedback will be incorporated into requirements, deliverables will be refined and fine-tuned, and configuration will be updated.

  • Refine requirements
  • Process fine-tuning
  • Configuration polish

Deploy, Close, & Realize Value

Finally – We will release for operation and usage in the real world! Once plan, build, testing and feedback cycles are complete, we will work with you to deploy all build and configurations to the Production environment. We will ensure a smooth handoff, so you can quickly start realizing value from the delivered Services and Product. Last but not least, we will formally close out the project with final acceptance.

  • Prepare for deployment
  • Deploy to Production
  • Submit acceptance
  • Realize Value!

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