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Avoid Downtime: Accurately Manage & Deliver Customer Equipment

For most companies in the construction, mining, or in agricultural industries, summer equals the busy season. This means, most worksites across the U.S. are at full capacity and their equipment is being used at full capacity, too.

From custom-built rigs to standard machinery, the maintenance and repair of each worksite and its unique set of machines can be a challenge to keep track of.


Breakdowns or unscheduled maintenance repairs can cost an equipment owner thousands of dollars a day in lost productivity and labor costs. Making it essential for a job site mechanic or operations manager to access the right parts, at the right time.  That way their idle machine gets up and running again.

The issue with this scenario is that technical support materials often consist of generic sets of manuals that are not up to date or do not reflect the actual machinery parts accurately. Depending on where the job site is located, delivery of these parts can take up to several days, if not weeks, to deliver. Unexpected expenses like this can add up and take away from the customer’s bottom line.



All of these “issues” prompt challenges you, as a manufacturer or dealer, need to consider when assisting your next customer call. Aside from needing to expedite a part to your customer’s job site, the consequences of ordering the wrong part for them could be a significant setback to their progress.

Accessing accurate equipment documentation is key to avoiding additional delays. Forward-thinking firms get around these dilemmas by relying on digital parts catalog solutions.

By adopting a digital parts book and authoring system, users can:

  1. Lookup detailed diagrams of parts and assemblies.
  2. View up to date manufacturing revisions of parts or other product data.
  3. Expedite support questions.
  4. Order the parts they need, accurately.

Learn how you can accurately manage and deliver customer equipment in their time of need!

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