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Looking Beyond Technology: 3 Ways Equipment Manufacturers Stay Ahead

There’s no doubt. Technology can improve your manufacturing processes and productivity. In a fast-paced, always-on, always available – digital economy, staying ahead of the curve is essential to your success


According to the BBC News article, in the 1920s a companies lifespan spread out over 67 years. Today, a company’s lifespan is 15 years. That’s a 78% decline in the past century (give or take). Selecting not to represent yourself digitally could hurt your chances of succeeding. Looking at the history of the rust belt, the manufacturing companies who were unable to adapt, closed their doors. For those who did adapt to economic changes, flourished. And technology was a huge part of that shift.

There are ways equipment manufacturers can stay ahead of the technological battlefield without reducing their financial resources.

Documoto is built on three basic concepts. These include transparencyreliability, and support. These critical components are defined in further detail below.



When a part breaks on a machine, that field service employee needs an immediate resource. If you aren’t transparent about the parts you provide, then the company in need won’t buy from you. Help them keep their machines working by being transparent with the products you offer.  


It’s a given; parts have a shelf life. They’re pushed to the max. Sometimes in extreme weather conditions. Regardless, customers want to know they can depend on the part you’re supplying them with, and it won’t have to be replaced in a short amount of time.


Provide exceptional Customer Support. There is no way around it. According to a recent customer experience survey, “73% of buyers believe customer experience is s crucial factor when making a purchasing decision.” That’s why Documoto’s internal mantra is, “you don’t have to be a billion-dollar company to offer billion-dollar support.”

Good interaction with a prospect can transition into a lifelong customer. Learn how to improve your manufacturing processes and productivity directly from some of the companies who are leading the pack Atlas Copco, Viking, or LA Metro.

Atlas Copco Case Study
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