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1,000 Parts to Update? No Problem!

Do you have 1,000 parts to update? No problem!

Equipment operators, technicians, and dealers need accurate parts books to reference.  But managing technical documentation for heavy equipment and manufacturing machines can be difficult.

Because machine parts get updated frequently, technical publishers have a hard time matching image files, bill of materials (BOMs), and other document illustrations with the as-built product. Adding to further confusion, Engineering Change Orders (ECOs) are issued during prototyping, testing, and production, which leads to superseded part numbers and modified descriptions. All of these changes create inconsistencies across departments and document management systems. Resulting in generic sets of manuals that are not up to date or do not reflect the actual machinery parts accurately.

With all of the various complexities mentioned above, it’s easy for pieces to get lost in the shuffle. And it’s up to the publishing staff to pull it all together.

Wouldn’t it be easier if you could:

We certainly think so!

It’s time to rethink your documentation processes with a publishing tool that can generate parts catalogs dynamically. With hundreds of machines and thousands of customers to keep happy – a unified authoring tool can be used to import, store, and share product data. Giving you and your team the ability to access your equipment documentation in a secure and reliable method.

If you’d like to see how easy it is to start building world-class support documents, contact us to learn more.

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