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Aftermarket Revenue Gains For Atlas Copco Construction

Aftermarket revenue is a crucial component of many equipment manufacturing businesses. With over 116 locations in the U.S. and offices in 90 countries, Atlas Copco Construction (ACC) has been in business for over 140-years. ACC is a manufacturer of construction equipment and a prime example of aftermarket revenue gains.

Because Atlas Copco’s customer base is so geographically dispersed, service and technical support are crucial to the success of their aftermarket equipment sales program. The quality of this interaction often determines whether a customer remains a long-term, loyal customer. And the quality of a company’s support documentation can have a significant effect on the manufacturer-customer relationship.

Atlas Copco Construction Challenges Prior to Documoto

Consider some of the problems posed by a construction job site, as ACC attempts to help keep their customer’s equipment running during operational hours:

  • Delayed Ordering Process: Traditional, printed parts catalogs delayed the ordering process and made it impossible to keep up to date.
  • Printer Part Books Obsolete: The printer parts books became obsolete the moment they were printed due to inaccuracies.
  • Printed Parts Manual Irrelevant: Overtime, the printed parts manuals become less and less relevant and useful with time.

With these challenging situations in mind, the Construction Technique division recognized that their parts lookup and ordering system needed an overhaul. It was no longer acceptable for customers to place orders for outdated parts and tools, or the publishing process to require months to update and produce parts books. If the Atlas Copco team could make buying aftermarket parts as easy as buying from Amazon, they would sell more high-margin parts and maintenance services.

Atlas Copco Construction Benefits After Documoto

Atlas Copco adopted Documoto, a modern, relational database solution that delivers product documentation in the cloud. Documoto helped ACC provide its customer’s online access to documentation and parts for their equipment. In return, those customers helped ACC realize its ultimate goal: profitable aftermarket parts sales. Specific examples where Documoto was able to unlock massive benefits for Atlas Copco’s customers are:

  • Easy Parts Identification: Documoto’s Cloud Library quickly engaged ACC’s customers by simplifying parts identification and ordering.
  • Multi-Language Option: Documoto’s platform enabled ACC’s customers to easily navigate the interface with its multi-language feature.
  • Online Portal: Documoto strengthened the bond between ACC and its customers by incorporating parts catalogs and a shopping cart into the Parts Online portal.

Documoto’s SaaS solutions include a parts catalog Authoring Suite, Cloud Library, and Cloud Storefront. Together, the Documoto platform enables equipment manufacturing companies to produce digital parts catalogs that increase aftermarket sales.

If you’d like to see how easy it is to start building world-class support documents, contact us to learn more. 

Atlas Copco Case Study


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