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Accurate Parts Lookup Improves Customer Service For Excel Industries

Excel Industries, a leader in outdoor power equipment products for turf and mowing, contains a network of more than 1,600 U.S. dealers and 30 distributors worldwide.


Relying on an outside resource to create technical documentation caused delays of up to six months for the Excel Industry team. These delays would create tension with their dealer network and end-customers.  Specific examples of the challenges that the delays created were:

  • Order Accuracy: Excel’s dealers and distributors couldn’t be sure if they were going to order the right part or accessory. This, in turn, limited the trust between Excel and its network.
  • Extended Delivery Timer: If a dealer ordered the wrong part, it not only made their customers angry, but it made them mad with Excel.
  • Inefficiencies Reduced Bottom Line: The incorrect parts data also began impacting Excel’s costs and bottom line due to additional shipping expenses.

With these challenging situations in mind, the Parts Service team recognized they needed to do something to improve their parts’ accuracy so that ordering errors would be reduced. A big part of that “something” was taking back control of the parts publishing process. An additional consideration was that Excel Industries understood that they needed a reliable system that would make searching and browsing for parts easy for their dealers.


From the get-go, Excel Industries understood that Documoto could help their dealer network access support documentation as well as parts information accurately. Specific examples where Documoto was able to unlock massive benefits for Excel Industries dealer network and customers are:

  • Owning the Publishing Process: Excel elected Documoto its relational database, cloud library, and search capabilities, as well as the ability to create and update the content themselves.
  • Enhanced Publishing Limitations: Instead of taking months to publish or edit a parts book, it now can be done in minutes.
  • Improved Purchasing Accuracy: With dealers quickly adopting the new system, trust increased significantly because of accurate content and the ability to address errors quickly.

Documoto is a cloud-based SaaS platform that modernizes parts catalog authoring and aftermarket sales for equipment manufacturers. Its Cloud Storefront and Cloud Library ensure fast and accurate online parts ordering for dealers, service techs, and other customers.

If you’d like to learn more about how Excel Industries transformed their parts lookup and support the documentation process, click here

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