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Equipment Manufacturing: Meet Your Customers Expectations

It’s no secret. Today, equipment manufacturers recognize the importance of developing cutting-edge machines that meet customers’ expectations. With that in mind, they haven’t always had the ability to maximize their relationships with those who use the actual machinery they produce.


Why? Sometimes there isn’t a direct relationship with the customer. Especially in agriculture equipment manufacturing, because the manufacturer’s primary contact is the dealer.  In the cases, direct customer interaction can be challenging to create or maintain. Despite this, there are steps that an OEM can take to ensure that your customers’ expectations are being met on some level.

For OEMs looking to leverage the demands of the market they serve, below are two ways you can better serve the customers who use your equipment. Here’s how:

  • Maximize the relationships with your network of dealers
  • Provide readily available information that helps set you apart


Because it is difficult for OEMs to ensure customers and dealers are educated on the machines they are developing, OEMs are faced with how to communicate their product information. Like designing and creating cutting-edge heavy machinery, equipment manufacturing can easily apply this same methodology by offering accessible and up-to-date support materials and an online portal that dealers and customers can refer to for machine information.

There needs to be an ongoing two-way dialogue between buyers and sellers, and customer satisfaction should be the end goal of these conversations. Ultimately, it’s up to you as the equipment manufacturer to identify reliable information about technology and how it can help you get the most out of the products you’re selling.

According to a recent AEM survey, “68% of the equipment manufacturers reported that they want proof that technology works before investing in it.”


Within months of implementing and launching one or more of Documoto’s Solutions, a majority of our current customer’s reported the following:

Documoto’s Solutions provide users with the ability to access comprehensive technical support materials, including electronic parts catalogs, operations and maintenance manuals, engineering change notices, technical instructions, repair and maintenance videos, and more. Additionally, when users view highly detailed, interactive parts and assembly illustrations – errors are reduced, making the shopping cart experience a much simpler process. Although our customers still provide personal support, it’s been proven that today’s customers often prefer self-service, and Documoto has helped bridge that gap.


Parts sales is a market that is sitting there for the taking and can provide a long-term steady stream of revenue after the initial purchase of equipment, which OEMs can provide. The companies that are going to thrive and overtake their competition are the ones that recognize the opportunities available and incorporate technology into their operations and sales. To learn how you can transform your customer experience, contact us


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