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Claim Your Aftermarket: 3 Effective Service Solutions

Many original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are searching for ways to boost their revenue streams quickly. If you’re one of them, you can claim your aftermarket service solutions at a more aggressive pace by fine-tuning your operations by identifying gaps and eliminating pain points. These challenges include fragmented technical documentation, lengthy parts publishing processes, hard-to-identify parts information, network, and customer accessibility, order accuracy, staying up-to-date with product enhancements, and distributing parts in a timely fashion.

Learn how to overcome these pitfalls, reposition your services, and claim your aftermarket using the strategies below.



Turn Your Support Materials Into Sales

Sales are more effective when strengthened by a strategy. As an equipment manufacturer, you already have a head start towards creating a “sticky” service solution. Having access to exclusive customer data, comprehensive product knowledge, and equipment parts information is the bridge you need to connect your sales and support processes.

Stop using PDF documents with list parts to grab your prospects’ attention. Instead, enhance their experience with a highly interactive user interface that can display catalogs and other support documentation to attract and retain online buyers.

Expand Your Technical Support

With hard-to-identify parts information,  your aftermarket sales and support personnel spend a large portion of their time identifying product information.  Eliminate high-touch support processes by expanding your technical reach. You can accomplish this by staying connected through a 24/7 self-service model. A self-service support portal can provide your network of dealers and customers with a source to reference product updates, technical information, and pricing. Not only will this address your customers’ needs, but it will also free up employees to work on other value-added services.

Guarantee Product Uptime

Machine downtime is lost revenue. Period. This is why guaranteeing product uptime, also known as service level agreements, makes such a compelling offer to any equipment buyer or dealer in the market. OEMs should consider leveraging this opportunity to scale their aftermarket services capability more rapidly.

Are you ready to transition from manual, time-consuming processes to a robust interactive online parts catalog? Discover how you can cater to a much larger audience at a faster pace, consistently, by connecting with one of our aftermarket success experts today.

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