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Transform Your Content & Empower Your Aftermarket

Are you ready to transform your content and empower your aftermarket? Right now, you, like most equipment manufacturers, are probably operating in a challenging state where your technical documentation is out of date—making it difficult to identify equipment. It also extends the ordering process for your customers and network of partners who need the part now!

You can overcome these obstacles by empowering your team to operate more efficiently. Below are several steps to help get you working effectively.





Stop using manual and time-consuming practices. Instead, make time to identify ways you can automate them. For example, you can cut your manual publishing processes up to fifty percent with an electronic parts catalog system. With the correct catalog authoring software, you can quickly build relationships between parts, machines, catalogs, and support documents. Making it simple for your publishing team to automate manual processes like publishing illustrated parts books. This will also help them with accuracy. Your sales and support team can expedite part orders for your customers and improve their machine uptime with accurate technical documentation.



Is your network of customers and dealers referring to various part catalogs, owner manuals, and other outdated content? A web library may help eliminate this hurdle. Acting as a content management and distribution platform, a web library will provide your aftermarket sales and support teams with the ability to access all of your product support documents. Relying on advanced search functionality, users can find technical information by simply typing in a search term or part number, making it easy for your network to identify equipment information. It will also strengthen your relationship with customers, allowing you to grow further and develop the business.



Are you tired of taking orders over the phone, fax, or dealing with urgent cross-ships and returns because someone orders the wrong part or product? Leverage the power of an online storefront to unlock the value in your technical assets with a built-in shopping cart for online ordering. A storefront is an easy-to-use digital order-taking system that allows you to quickly set up and manage the parts ordering process. With a storefront, administrators can decide what parts and products to sell, to which customers, at whatever price you choose. Your channel and customers can place equipment parts into a shopping cart and submit orders and checkout forms. Additional commerce-enabled integrations give your sales and support team the ability to retrieve pricing and inventory information in real-time from your operational systems.

You should want to operate in an efficient state where your team can publish accurate technical documents and improve machine uptime and employee productivity. All of these interactions produce the ultimate customer experience and create a lower touch cycle for your aftermarket services team.


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