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Documoto Reduces Support Time By 50% For Ploeger Oxbo

Oxbo International develops, manufactures, distributes, and supports mechanized solutions for agricultural niche markets worldwide. Ploeger Oxbo Group’s equipment is heavily relied on during harvest season. Their equipment becomes mission-critical during harvest; any downtime can cause significant operational delays and loss of revenue. Operating out of three manufacturing facilities in the United States and several sister companies in Europe, Oxbo’s top priority is to provide immediate local product and customer support for perishable and high-value crop producers.


With facilities spread out all over the U.S. and globe, Oxbo needed a solution that could connect their fragmented technical documentation and improve their parts publishing processes. Before implementing Documoto, Ploeger Oxbo relied on manual methods to create parts catalogs. Specific examples of content challenges they ran into were:

  • Lengthy Parts Catalog Creation Period: Oxbo’s publication development process could take between 6-8 months to publish new content or update older content because of Engineering changes.
  • Order Accuracy: Due to engineering improvements, Oxbo’s aftermarket sales and the support team had difficulty assisting with and distributing parts in a timely fashion.
  • High-Touch Customer Service Process: With hard-to-identify parts information,  Oxob’s aftermarket sales and support personnel spent a large portion of their time identifying product information.  


So, when the Ploeger Oxbo team began searching for a solution to address their challenges, they had many perquisites in mind. They sought out a solution that could help:

  • Enhance Customer Experience
  • Expedite Part Orders
  • ERP Integration
  • Improve Publishing Processes & Release Timeframe 
  • Provide Global Accessibility to Network and Customer’s
  • Reduce Support Time
  • Unify all of their Legacy Data

With these solution needs in mind, the Ploeger Oxbo Group opted for Documoto’s Enterprise/Custom package to improve publishing processes and release timeframes, enhance customer support, and connect with their European counterparts. 


When Ploeger Oxbo Group transitioned from manual, time-consuming processes to a robust interactive online parts catalog, they quickly discovered that they could cater to a much larger audience at a faster pace. As an example, their team is reporting:

  • Reduced Publication Process: Oxbo’s publication development process now takes one month versus 6-8 months.
  • Improved Aftermarket Sales & Support: Oxbo’s aftermarket sales and support have reported a 50% reduction rate in customer support time, and now that all of the technical information is readily available with just a few clicks of a button, a new employee can be fully trained within a 30-day timeframe versus six months.

Overall, Documoto proved to be the right solution that helped shift the Ploeger Oxbo Group’s internal disconnected data to a unified technical, sales, and support operation. As a result, the Ploeger Oxbo Group has improved its publication processes and enhanced its customer sales and support experience. 

To learn how you can transform your aftermarket sales and support or technical publication processes, read the full case study HERE!

Ploeger Oxbo Case Study

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