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Accelerate Your Aftermarket Customer Experience

The race to improve the aftermarket customer experience has started. Are you ready to accelerate your aftermarket customer experience? It’s no secret that the COVID-19 Pandemic revolutionized the way manufacturers approach sales and services. So much so, manufacturers across numerous industries are playing catch up. From the buying experience to the factory floor, customization is crucial to gaining a competitive advantage and long-term customer loyalty. To keep up-to-date with these developments, our team sorted through user data and interviewed dozens of customers to help manufacturers invest in smart initiatives.


Before COVID, many manufacturers concluded that a new, more customer-friendly model is necessary to sell manufacturing products. And some manufacturers have already started that transformation. Below are three customer takeaways that prove customer experience is the future state for strategic growth and market share.


Atlas Copco Construction, a world-leading manufacturer of construction equipment, recognized they needed a competitive differentiator to display product updates, technical information, and pricing to end-users as close to real-time as possible. As a customer-focused business, Atlas Copco wanted to customize their users’ experience by providing an interface that was user-friendly, easy to navigate, and could translate part information into a variety of languages. Documoto helped Atlas Copco Construction achieve all that and more by building a self-service solution that ACC customers can leverage to reference documentation and parts for their equipment.


Paladin Attachments a leader in building heavy-duty machines for construction along with related industries, discovered a bottleneck when their equipment documentation was difficult to reference. As a result, equipment owners and dealers relied heavily on the aftermarket support team. To improve their customer experience and lessen the burden for the support team, Paladin wanted a solution that gave their customers the ability to look up parts information in a self-service fashion while giving Paladin the capability to publish accurate documents that could be updated internally. Documoto proved to be the backbone of their digital self-service strategy by helping Paladin improve part sales and customer support.


Schramm, a US and Australian manufacturer of hydraulic drills, supply companies in construction and other sectors worldwide. Customer relationships are essential to good business, and at Schramm, maintaining solid partnerships means going the extra mile to deliver exemplary service. Because of Schramm’s dedication to improving their customer experience, they needed to address parts publishing challenges and identify a way to automate parts identification for their customers. The versatility of Documoto’s solution was the key to Schramm’s success.

The importance of digital transformation is more apparent than ever, and manufacturers have the power to transform the way they interact with their customers digitally. By freeing up employees to work on more value-adding services, you too can join Documoto’s growing list of customers who’ve accelerated their aftermarket.

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