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Driving Demand: Overcoming Content Challenges

Complex resources, like equipment parts content, often create challenges for manufacturers.

Regardless if you are a manufacturer in the industrial, agricultural, construction, or mining arena, driving demand, particularly online, is essential for long-term growth. In fact, many manufacturers are beginning to recognize that an online strategy is a driving force to obtain a wide-spread audience and customer base. With heavy equipment online purchasing becoming more common, manufacturers are no longer restricted to selling within their regional sectors of the U.S. They can now distribute their machines globally with a click of a button.

Despite these expansions, a common concern when kicking off an online strategy is how to manage all of the content associated with the machines. As an example, when a farmer needs to replace a part on his or her machine – how can they identify the part accurately if the manual they keep under their seat is no longer valid and the manufacturer doesn’t have the information readily available online? They don’t. What happens is that the machine sits idle for a lengthy period – causing delays in production and income — making content management a number one priority for manufacturers to keep customers engaged with their products and services.

Several of our customers, like Fecon, Paladin, and Atlas Copco, have overcome their content challenges with the help of Documoto’s Authoring, Cloud Library, and Storefront solutions.

In Documoto, users can benefit from the following ways:

  1. CREATING online parts catalogs using existing CAD files, illustrations, and bills of materials (BoMs) that contain parts and product information into one searchable point of reference.
  2. SHARING product information with your dealers and distributors to gain an edge in technical support, service, part sales, and more!
  3. STORING content so customers can identify and purchase the right part accurately, the first time.

Aside from these three benefits, Documoto also helps eliminate delays in equipment downtime and production. Help your customers keep their machines working by starting a conversation today with one of Documoto’s technical advisors.


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