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Keep Your Parts Lists Up-to-Date

Having trouble keeping your parts lists up-to-date? We hear that a lot! Our team talks to equipment manufacturers on a daily basis and the one common challenge they all share is managing and maintaining their equipment parts information catalogs.

Generally, manufacturers provide Illustrated Parts Catalogs for their network of dealers or customers that need to be able to identify components of large complex equipment that are in the field. To offer a fully developed experience, the parts information needs to be easily accessible and, more importantly, accurate.


Typically, a technical publisher needs to be able to format a parts catalog in a publishing platform.  This enables them with the ability to distribute the document wherever necessary. Herein lies another challenge. This process can take weeks, if not months, to fulfill as keeping the information up to date is an extremely time-consuming task. As an example, the technical publisher must locate every page that contains the part that needs updating, which includes their assemblies and diagrams for multiple books. While the Engineering department uses top of the line technology that manages these changes automatically, more often then not, the technical publishing teams are working off of restricted resources and must do this manually. This creates inefficient processes between departments and delays in the production of part catalogs.


Having worked with numerous manufacturers in a multitude of industries, Documoto can resolve these challenges by removing the tedious, inefficient, money-draining task of manually keeping parts catalogs up-to-date. Documoto’s Authoring Suite is a database publishing tool specific for parts catalogs.

The tool allows technical illustrators to publish both the PDF Illustrated Parts Catalog and the Electronic Parts Catalog at the same time. When part information changes, the technical illustrator makes a single change, and all of the parts books it belongs to are automatically updated.

To learn more about how you can improve your publishing processes, take a look at our data sheet to learn more.

Documoto Authoring Suite

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