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Fecon Cuts Down Competition with Sales and Customer Support

The equipment that Fecon manufactures has a reputation for ruggedness and durability, a necessity in the harsh working environments where their tools operate. Clearing land for development, right-of-ways, and fire mitigation involve rough, rocky terrain, extreme heat, cold, and other challenges. Even the toughest machines need periodic maintenance and occasional replacement of worn and broken parts in these conditions.

Located in Lebanon, Ohio, Fecon needed a solution that could shorten their parts publishing processes and improve dealer and customer communications. Before implementing Documoto, Fecon relied on a third-party vendor to create parts catalogs which were costly to produce. Some examples of the content challenges they had are listed below.


  • Lengthy Parts Catalog Creation Period: Fecon’s third-party vendor would take months to publish new content or update older content because of Engineering changes.
  • High-Touch Customer Service Process: With limited access to accurate product documentation would often lead to extensive phone time with Fecon customer service simply trying to identify the correct parts for a customer’s machine.
  • Network Communications: Fecon could not provide timely service bulletins, warranty notifications, sales promotions, and other vital information for equipment owners.

Fecon had several objectives in mind when conceiving the idea to upgrade aftermarket sales and customer support capabilities. The high-level goal was to drive efficiency throughout the af­ter-sale support organization, from documentation to sales and customer service. All of these needs were met once the Fecon team recognized that Documoto’s solution could enhance their operations.  Below are a few examples of the progress that their team has reported.


  • Reduced Publication Process: Replacing the 3rd-party service provider led to multiple positive outcomes. Fecon gained control over a critical business function while producing more accurate parts books with lower overhead and less effort. New books can be created in an hour, rather than waiting for months from an outside service provider.
  • Improved Aftermarket Sales & Support: Fecon increased parts sales by 53%, which equaled $2m in revenue.
  • Self-Service Portal: Fecon Connect notifies dealers of sales promotions, service bulletins, allows for warranty registration using QR codes, and displays other critical news items for dealers and equipment owners. Service technicians can view parts books, operating manuals, and services.

Overall, Documoto proved to be the right solution to transform Fecon’s publishing, sales, and support operations. To learn more about how Fecon changed their aftermarket sales, support, technical publication processes, read the entire case study HERE!


Fecon Case Study

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