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Requirements Checklist: Electronic Parts Catalog Software

Requirements Checklist: Electronic Parts Catalog Software

Customer service has evolved: In B2B relationships, customers expect solutions that meet their needs to a “T.” This is critical for an electronic parts catalog (EPC). Gone are the days of customers being OK with parts catalogs not reflecting what’s available or only working on certain browsers. We've developed some critical feature requirements to ensure your electronic parts catalog software meets your dealer and customer needs.

1.   Real-time Part Updates Across All Parts Catalogs

Real-time part updates are essential because they give customers an accurate picture of what’s available. Also, when your electronic parts catalog automatically updates in real-time, you:

  • Avoid potentially costly data entry errors
  • Save time for your staff
  • Keep parts catalogs in sync for all of your equipment
2.   A Browser-agnostic Parts Catalog Solution

With a browser-agnostic parts catalog solution, you can give your clients the freedom to use any browser they want. While, on the surface, this may seem like a relatively minor consideration, enabling them to use any browser opens up various possibilities.

For example, with a browser-agnostic solution, your customers don’t have to worry about which kind of device they use. Many devices use a default browser, and while it may not be too difficult to get another one, you don’t want to force customers to download and install a new browser just to choose the right part. A browser-agnostic EPC solution saves your clients considerable time while preventing frustrating headaches.

3.   Publishing and Administrative APIs for Automation

An application programming interface (API) lets designers quickly introduce pre-designed programming into an app. An API enables a “low code” experience for someone working with an app. In other words, they don’t have to code manually in functions.

The use of APIs is especially important when you’re trying to enable automation. If the infrastructure of your electronic parts catalog enables API integration, publishers and admins can spend less time on the technical aspects of automation and more time thinking of creative ways to automate the functions that keep customers happy.

4.   A Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Having a Customer Success Manager dedicated to addressing your specific needs saves you time and prevents frustration as you work with your EPC. Even with a robust EPC solution, most people benefit from having a customer success professional ready to answer questions and provide guidance.

This is often the most important during onboarding, as you get comfortable with your EPC and learn its features. But it’s just as crucial further down the road, especially if you have to:

  • Add new products
  • Make changes to existing offerings
  • Adjust how your catalog interacts with a web app or e-commerce solution

With Documoto, you get an electronic parts catalog solution with all these features and more. You can take advantage of advanced search functionality, shopping cart capabilities, support for new product releases, and everything else you need to enjoy a smooth EPC experience.

Request a demo today to see how Documoto can meet your EPC needs.

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