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5 Must-Have Features of an Electronic Parts Catalog Solution

5 Must-Have Features of an Electronic Parts Catalog Solution

An electronic parts catalog (EPC) is a powerful tool for equipment manufacturers, dealers, and owners, but only if it has the right features. Otherwise, it can waste time instead of saving it and, ultimately, damage customer relationships. So, to ensure you get the kind of solution that fosters success for you and your clients, we’ve developed five important features your electronic parts catalog software should have.

1. Parts Management

The ability to manage the parts you offer should be foundational to your EPC solution. With the right kind of parts management capabilities, you can:

  • Identify changes that need to be made to parts and edit them
  • Pinpoint parts that have become obsolete and replace them with new ones
  • Make adjustments to images, metadata, and other elements that could enable a smoother experience for customers

2. Engineering Changes

If you can update your electronic parts catalog software in real-time, your tech pubs can easily keep up with engineering changes. That way, your team doesn’t have to worry about whether your parts catalogs align with the most recent OEM updates. This can be especially important for manufacturers because an adjustment from engineering could impact a parts compatibility with a customer’s machine.

3. Online Updates

Online updates provide you with a straightforward way of making changes — big or small — no matter where you are. As long as you have an internet connection, you can add or remove parts and adjust features or specs in a matter of minutes.

This is far more convenient than driving all the way to the office to adjust your catalog using a dedicated desktop computer. With online updates, your team can make changes at their convenience.

4. Self-Service Sales & Support

Turn your electronic parts catalogs into an online sales and support channel, allowing buyers to search, select, and order parts easily. Additionally, having the ability to integrate with an ERP system for real-time price and inventory updates will enhance the self-service experience.

For your customers, knowing that they can not only view accurate part information but get instant support gives them confidence in you and your system. Instead of investing extra time in getting an order exactly right, they can move forward with a purchase.

5. Shopping Cart Capabilities

If your EPC comes with shopping cart capabilities, it’s more than just a description of your products; it’s a comprehensive commerce-enabled solution. By providing customers with a shopping cart within your electronic parts catalog software, you give them the ability to shop and make a purchase with a single solution.

Not only does this make it easier for your customers to make purchases, but it supports a stronger revenue stream. Easy purchases mean more cash for your business.

With an EPC from Documoto, you can take advantage of parts management, the ability to edit part information due to engineering changes, online updates, self-service sales and support, and shopping cart capabilities. But you also get a dedicated Customer Success Manager to help you put all of these features to work for your business.

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