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Grow Your Career by Completing Certifications with Documoto Academy!

Join the professionals who've grown their careers by getting certified with Documoto Academy. Our on-demand training is self-paced and available on any device. From quick, practical courses to comprehensive certifications, Documoto’s course instructors will help you grow your career by adding industry-recognized skills to your professional profile.

Interested in learning how to author parts books?

No Problem! Our content creation track guides learners through the foundations of authoring and publishing content relating to equipment manufacturing parts books.


Want to Help Optimize and Grow your Aftermarket Sales and Support Processes?

Great, we can help! Our learning tracks can teach you how to build and administer your own Aftermarket Sales and Support portal so you can offer your customers the self-service experience they want. Then use your extra time to focus on other projects, like growing your pipeline.


What Courses Are Available?

Created with manufacturing, technical, and publishing professionals in mind, Documoto’s self-service training portal will teach you everything you need to know about setting up your tenant, branding, creating, and publishing quality content. Each course is designed with actionable goals in mind - to give you the ability to create content and deploy Doucmoto’s user-friendly features!


Who Are the Trainers?

Our trainers are our Customer Success Team who are passionate about Documoto, developing valuable content, and education. Practicing a customer-first approach, our trainers have a desire to share their knowledge with our community to transform the way manufacturers do business.

Taking it a step further, our trainers meet the following criteria:

  • Are employed at Documoto.
  • Have a history of speaking or training.
  • Show an ability to explain concepts in an engaging and informative way.
  • Have a passion and enthusiasm for Documoto’s solutions.


How Long Does It Take to Get Certified?

Because our training courses are self-paced, it really depends on you. On average, our customers report up to two weeks to become well versed in our system and up to a month to begin authoring and publishing content. Some of our customers have reported that our training courses even speed up the new hire onboarding process.


What Support Resources Are Available?

Once you’ve completed the Documoto Academy training and become certified, you will have access to the exclusive Documoto Knowledge Base and Community center. The resources include:

  • Current product information, user guides, and best practices.
  • The ability to pose questions to other Documoto users.
  • The ability to find tips and tricks from other users.
  • Access to the developer documentation for APIs, SSO, etc.


How Do I Access the Training Portal?

Available as a free resource to Documoto customers, users can access the site simply by logging in to our Support Center HERE! Not a customer yet? Check out our free virtual tour in the video below.



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