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How Proper Documentation Can Fuel Your Aftermarket Sales Team

Improve Your Aftermarket Sales

Customers today are empowered by a wealth of information. With access to the internet, buyers are more inclined now than ever before to do their own comparison and research before making a purchasing decision.

When it comes to aftermarket parts sales, this has changed how the sales process works. Customers no longer rely solely on their relationship with a salesperson to determine what parts to order next. Instead, these customers are now digging into available online data and are asking more informed questions of sales teams.

This is where having access to proper documentation is becoming critical for aftermarket sales teams. So, let’s look at the top four ways digital documentation can improve your aftermarket sales team’s success.

1. Your Teams Will Have More Confidence

For sales teams, inaccurate information can delay order processing and lead to incorrect shipments. This can strain the relationship between your customer and your salespeople.

Old documentation processes have made it difficult for sales teams to find the information they need to answer customer questions accurately and confidently.

With cloud-based solutions, such as Documoto, your sales teams will have up-to-date access to all your equipment parts information. In addition, a digital solution makes it easy for these teams to look up parts, part lists, equipment updates, and other vital details to help them close sales.

Electronic parts catalogs and online storefronts make it easy for sales teams to quickly navigate and make purchases on behalf of their customers quickly.

A more confident sales team equates to a more significant number of closed sales and provides long-term customer satisfaction when the parts delivered are precisely what is necessary for the job at hand.

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2. Your Teams Will Waste Less Time

Sifting through product data can quickly become tedious. In many organizations, data is stored in silos across the company. When a salesperson needs information, they have to waste hours trying to determine where that information is located.

With centralized digital documentation of technical information, your sales teams will be able to find the data they need quickly. This means less time spent looking for documents and more time spent working with customers to close sales.

3. Everyone Has the Latest Info

It is difficult for sales teams to find the exact information they need when sifting through physical parts books and technical documents. But often, that information is already out of date.

When you transfer your documentation to a digital cloud-based format, you can ensure that all the information is kept up-to-date and cut down on errors due to old information.

Not only that, but digital documentation makes versioning simple. In the past, multiple versions of one document were often floating around a company simultaneously. This meant that one team member might be using different information than another. Instead, everyone works off the same version with one central hub for parts documentation.

4. Your Digital Documentation Never Sleeps

For customers in the manufacturing sector, downtime equates to money lost. For this reason, sales teams often need to work around the clock to help these customers locate the parts they need to get back up and running quickly.

Digital documentation can assist your sales teams night or day. Sales teams can explore catalogs and order parts 24/7 from anywhere through a secure online channel. This ensures that customers face less costly downtime and offers your sales team a competitive edge.

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Digital documentation is the way of the future for aftermarket sales teams. In fact, in a recent case study with Fecon, over a 5-year period, sales of replacement and maintenance parts increased by $2 million without an increase in staffing.

If you’re interested in learning more about how digital documentation can transform your sales, boost revenue, and cut down on wasted time and money, request a demo of Documoto today.


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