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Web Application Service Agreement (WASA)

Web Application Service Agreement (WASA)

Published: May 22, 2018 

This Web Application and Services Agreement (“Agreement”) is entered into between Digabit, Inc. DBA Documoto, a Delaware corporation (“DOCUMOTO”) and the entity specified as the “Company” on the signature page of this Agreement (“COMPANY”).

DOCUMOTO and COMPANY have entered into (or will enter into) one or more Quotes (as defined below) relating to the Web Application and Software (each as defined below).

This Agreement sets forth the terms and conditions under which DOCUMOTO is willing to provide COMPANY with a limited right to access and use the Web Application and Software for COMPANY’s own business purposes as set forth in the initial Quote attached hereto as Schedule A and any other Quotes entered into by DOCUMOTO and COMPANY under this Agreement.

The parties, by their authorized representatives, have entered into and agreed to be legally bound by this Agreement as of the Effective Date.

1. Definitions

2. Access to the Web Application

3. License Grant to the Software

4. Company Account

5. Support

6. Additional Services

7. Restrictions

8. Fees and Payments; Taxes

9. Term

10. Termination

11. Confidential Information

12. Ownership

13. Company Content

14. Representations and Warranties

15. Disclaimer of Warranties

16. Limitation of Liability

17. Indemnification

18. Notice

19. Additional Terms

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