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Hiperbaric Reduces Pressure on Aftermarket Sales & Support

Hiperbaric is a leading manufacturer of High-Pressure Processing (HPP) equipment for the food industry. With operatives in Europe, North, South, and Central America, as well as Asia, Africa, and countries in the Oceania hemispheres, Hiperbaric’s global footprint makes efficient customer support vital in maintaining a competitive advantage.

Hiperbaric customers rely on the support of their help desk and field service personnel to provide quick and accurate service.  The support occurs for the entire lifecycle of a machine. Although their machines are built to last, over time, parts break. Unfortunately, this scenario can impact a food manufacturer’s production line and cause delays in output.  Before implementing Documoto, Hiperbaric relied on traditional methods to create parts manuals. Specific examples of content challenges they ran into were:

  • Inaccurate Graphical Representation: Hiperbaric’s customers had difficulty identifying a part without asking for additional help.
  • Order Accuracy: Due to engineering improvements, Hiperbaric’s support team had a difficult time assisting with and distributing parts in a timely fashion.
  • High-Touch Customer Service Process: With hard-to-identify parts information,  Hiperbaric’s help desk and field service personnel spent a large portion of their time reviewing documentation.  

Facing these hurdles, Industrial Director, Julio Garrido, quickly set out to tackle some goals. These included having accessible and up-to-date support materials and an online portal that customers could use to purchase new parts. Within six months of implementing and launching Documoto’s Cloud Library and Cloud Storefront, Hiperbaric reported the following:

  • Automated Orders: The ability to automate online ordering has reduced the need for manual order processing.
  • Reduced Support Time: Help desk and field service personnel have reduced time spent searching documentation by 10-25%.
  • Gains in Productivity & Revenue: Overall, productivity gains means Hiperbaric has been able to refocus their efforts on building their customer base.

Documoto’s Cloud Library solution has provided Hiperbarics users with the ability to access comprehensive technical support materials, including electronic parts catalogs, operations and maintenance manuals, engineering change notices, technical instructions, repair and maintenance videos, and more. Additionally, when users can view highly detailed, interactive parts and assembly illustrations – errors are reduced, making the shopping cart experience a much simpler process. Although Hiperbaric’s staff are still available to provide personal support, it’s been proven that today’s customers often prefer self-service, and Documoto is pro­viding precisely that.

Overall, Documoto proved to be the right solution to accelerate Hiperbaric’s aftermarket and support processes. To see Documoto in action with Hiperbaric, read the entire case study HERE!


Hiperbaric Case Study

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